Every company is unique, each with its own set of working practices, its own distinct culture and its own style. For one business, innovative space planning solutions and workplace flexibility and usability may be a priority, while for another the emphasis will be on providing a stimulating environment for staff, and making a strong statement about the values and culture of the company.

At A:Ko Design Studio, we consciously avoid developing an 'in house' style and instead concentrate on developing an understanding of a client's specific needs and allowing our highly skilled designers to flourish within a managed environment.

Our teams offer consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building's interior from space planning, to the commissioning of works of art and have expertise in all market sectors. By engaging clients in their collaborative process, and drawing upon their extensive experience, they are able to create world class working environments that are 100% appropriate to your company’s individual requirements.

A:Ko Design Studio services include:
- Workplace strategies development
- Interiors programming services
- Space planning
- Standards development programs
- Prototype development and roll-out
- Interior finish development
- Furnishings, fixtures and equipment coordination
- Custom millwork and furniture design
- Lighting design
- Wayfinding, orientation, and signage programs
- Artwork and accessories consultation
- Relocation strategies development
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